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FREE woodwork plans for Tools and Jigs - (S to Z)

Below are a number of FREE woodworking plans on the internet for the Tools and Jigs.

If you come across any other, please let us know using this form - also tell us if any of the links here don't work.

Always remember where these plans come from and check to ensure that they are suitable for your particular requirement. Where the full plans may not be suitable, they may give you some ideas.

Sanding Block
Based on a tool used for automotive body work this simple sanding block will become one of your go to tools
Saw Horse
Everyone should have at least one of these wide topped sawhorses in fact many times only one is needed when working with short lengths.
Shelf Hole Drilling Jig
This simple adjustable shelf hole jig is made from scrap found your shop
Skil Saw Cutting Guide
A Circular Saw Cutting Guide Board
Sliding Cut-off Table
Badger Pond Woodworking
Steam Box
Table Saw Cross Cut Sled
Words N Wood
Table Saw Cut-Off Guide
Use this simple guide to align your cut mark and get an exact cut everytime
Table Saw Splitter
Words N Wood
Tablesaw Taper Jig
Tool Shelf
A shelf to keep the power tools organized and within easy reach in your shop
Vee Block
Every shop should have a Vee Block or two to hold round stock such as dowels or metal tubing. They are handy for both drilling and cutting stock.
Wedge Clamps
No matter how many clamps you have there will be times when there just aren't enough or none of them are suitable for the job at hand. Wedge clamps are a simple and easy way to get around this problem.
Fine Woodworking
This workbench was styled after one built 200 years ago; it's heavy, solid, and doesn't wobble, though the joints are easy to adjust for seasonal movement
Workbench - Collapsible
Woodworkers Gazette
Workbench - Simple
These plans are for a simple workbench you would build for your garage or along the wall in your shop. It is a sturdy bench, built simply, but to last as long as the structure you put it in.