FREE woodwork plans for
Children - toys and things - (A to I)

Below are a number of FREE woodworking plans on the internet for toys and things for children.

If you come across any other, please let us know using this form - also tell us if any of the links here don't work.

Always remember where these plans come from and check to ensure that they are suitable for your particular requirement. Where the full plans may not be suitable, they may give you some ideas.

Basketball Court

What neigborhood doesn't need a basketball court? They all need one! Well once you buy your pole and

Billy Cart

Building Blocks
Words N Wood

Chair (Child's)

A simple chair for a child

Counting Frame

Crane (1)

Here's an easy-to-make working toy crane that's destined to get plenty of hours of play time

Crane (2)

Dancing Duck

Dinosaur Bookends

Doll House Furniture

1/12th scale plans for Dool House Furniture - a Bed, Chest, Table and Chair.

Gumball Machine

A Great 'Build-It-In-A-Weekend' Gift or Desktop Accent Piece

Horse (Viking Toy)

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2 - J to S
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