FREE woodworking plans for Tools and Jigs - (A to H)

Below are a number of FREE woodworking plans on the internet for the Tools and Jigs.

If you come across any other, please let us know using this form - also tell us if any of the links here don't work.

Always remember where these plans come from and check to ensure that they are suitable for your particular requirement. Where the full plans may not be suitable, they may give you some ideas.

Accurate Cut Circular Saw Box
Canadian Home Workshop

Beginners Workbench
Woodware Designs

Combination and Taper Jig and Straight Edge

With this jig you can cut tapers or true one edge of a bowed board.

Compound Miter Table Saw Sled
Kevins Woodturnings

Cutting Thin Strips

Thin strips should be cut on a table saw with the wide board against the fence and the fence moved in for each cut, however it is difficult to accurately adjust the fence for each strip to be the same thickness. This gauge allows you to simply slide the fence over until the stock hits the guide.

Dado Setup Jig

Drill Press Stand

A two drawer file cabinet can be easily converted to a drill press stand, most drills will require a base to raise the top of the cabinet to a convenient height.

Drill Press Table
Words N Wood

Build a jig to enlarge the table of a Drill Press

Drill Press Table
Popular Woodworking

Finishing Easel

To hold your work piece while you paint, varnish or wax finish it.

Frame-Miter Table Saw Sled
Kevins Woodturnings

Garage Workbench
Ron Hazelton

Construct a Modular Wooden Workbench with Three Base Units That Join to Form a Forth Dropped Surface for Your Saw