FREE woodworking plans for Tools and Jigs - (I to R)

Below are a number of FREE woodworking plans on the internet for the Tools and Jigs.

If you come across any other, please let us know using this form - also tell us if any of the links here don't work.

Always remember where these plans come from and check to ensure that they are suitable for your particular requirement. Where the full plans may not be suitable, they may give you some ideas.

Light Box or Tracing Box
Canadian Home Workshop

Magnetic Clamp Pad

Magnetic Clamp pad to protect your workpiece when using a g-clamp etc.

Make Table Saw Extension into Router Table
Popular Woodworking

Make Your Own Disc Sander

Build this disk sander with parts that are probably sitting around your shop gathering dust. All you need is a 1/4 hp or larger 1750 RPM electric motor, a v-pulley, switch, electrical cord and scraps of wood.

Overhead Air Filter

Picture Frame Clamp

Pole Lathe

Quick and Easy Router Table

Use your hand router to make a simple router table.

Router Bit Box
UK Workshop

Router Dado Guide

This is a guide to cut dados to an exact width by making multiple passes.

Router Fence for a Table Saw
Popular Woodworking