Hand basin waste

Basin wasteThe fitting of the waste to a traditional ceramic hand basin is shown to the right.

It is usually a good idea to fit the waste fittings (excluding the waste trap) before the hand basin is fitted into position - this avoids having to work in often confined spaces.

To fit the outlet to the basin, apply a thick coating of plumbers sealant (Plumbers Mate or similar) under the rim of the outlet before inserting it through the outlet hole of the basin. Ensure that it is orientated so that a slot in the outlet is towards the back of the basin so that it is in line with the overflow channel built into the basin.

Fit the rubber seal, and the metal washer (if supplied) over the end of the basin outlet under the basin.

Before fitting the large nut, coat the screw thread on the outlet with Plumbers Mate (or similar). Fit the large nut to the end of the basin outlet and screw it down so that the Plumbers Mate fills the thread - tightened the nut using a large spanner or stilsons.

Remove any excess sealant from around the basin outlet inside the basin.

Fitting chain to basinOn basins with a hole to take the plug chain fixing (usually near to the opening for the overflow at the back of the basin), insert the fixing through the hole from inside the basin and secure at the back by using the washer(s) and nut supplied.

The waste water trap is best left unattached until the basin has been installed, then it is just a case of screwing the trap onto the bottom of the basin outlet making sure any sealing washers are correctly positioned. The illustration above shows a bottle trap, and usually this is the most appropriate type to fit to a basin especially where the basin is mounted on a pedestal. In other instances, 'P' or 'S' traps may be more appropriate, again these are just attached to the basin outlet by a large nut on the trap itself.