6 monthly Property Checks

It is best to do these checks spring and autumn, you can then either put anything right during the summer or take immediate action to prevent having bigger problem during the winter.

Checks outside can normally be done from ground level - if anything looks out of place then a closer look may be necessary but a look from the ground will usually detect some sign of a problem.

  • Check that windows and doors are not sticking - lightly oil hinges and locks.
  • Check any gates - do the all close and latch securely or are the hinges stiff or do they stick ?
  • Check the airbricks - are they clear ?
  • Check the ground level around the building - has it built up anywhere bridging the damp proof coarse or blocking an air brick ?
  • Check any TV aerials and masts - do they still look solid and well attached ?
  • Check the cables from any TV aerials and masts - are they all secured to the wall ?
  • Checks the paths and patios etc for any build up of moss or weeds, if they need cleaning, use a pressure washer
  • Check for any dripping taps in and outside of the house - it is easy to become used to these but they do need to be rectified.
  • Check outside for any of the water dripping from overflows.
  • Look at the woodwork around the garden (gates, fences, sheds etc) - is anything loose (fence panels etc) or showing signs of rot (especially check each fence post and the rails), does anything need a coat or paint or preservative ?